Cycle Kids

This children's wear outfit was design with an active, curious child in mind. They are versatile separates that maximize safety when children play. 

The shirt has convertible sleeves, that may be worn cuffed up to the elbow to prevent snagging and minimize mess when playing. 

The denim jeans have many pockets, including the standard 5 and two accordion pockets on the sides. This gives the child many places to hide their treasures! As well, they come with tapering velcro pieces that can change the width of the pant leg. This is to prevent the fabric from getting caught in a bicycle chain.

There are two small strips of velcro that have reflective tape. This makes the child more easily visible to drivers, especially since children may dart in and out and between parked cars. 

Interchangeable velcro reflective strips. 

Interchangeable velcro reflective strips.