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During college, pasta was always my go to meal because it was cheap, fast, and easy. However, I always struggled with the portion size. How much do I need for one serving? What if I wanted to make more for the next day? Or for my friends? What if I wanted to start counting my calories?

After thinking about these problems, I knew the solution was in the packaging, and set out to redesign it. Not only did I want something to make the pasta cooking process even easier, I wanted to create a more sustainable packaging option.

How it works


+ logo
+ business system
+ marketing

The hexogonal shape optimizes space when stacking the product in stores, and the edges will help the user better grip the package. In addition, the individual prisms can help manage portions, telling the consumer exactly how much pasta they are cooking. 

Each triangular module is detachable by tearing them away from the rest. The user can choose how many portions they would like, and tear away accordingly.

The package itself is to be made with biodegradable seed infused cardstock paper. This allows for the packaging to be planted, eliminating the possibilities of it creating waste. The paper is infused with various seeds of herbs, so the user may grow their own herb garden after they have finished their pasta. 

logo Design

The colors of the logo were chosen based on the colors of the Italian flag to relate the product to it's country of origin. The added yellow for additional designs, replicates the color of dried pasta. The pasta bowtie and chefs hat were added to create a playful twist on the text to create a sense of an actual chef. The logo and colors are used to create a consistent business system, as well as other marketing items to create a strong brand identity for the product. 





Brand Identity

The brand identity was designed to be playful and friendly to invite anyone to cook. As the packaging itself serves to aide the user in easier cooking methods, the name "Pasta Man" conveys the idea that the consumer a friendly pasta consultant to help them prepare their tasty meal.

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