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The objective

Working in a group a three, my fellow designers and I wanted to create a product that could improve people's lives. With our town being such an animal friendly community, we chose to focus on creating a way to further educate the residents on animal safety, specifically on what to do when finding lost or injured animals.

Urban Menagerie is an app that is designed to provide a quick and easy guide on how to safely interact with animals in an urban setting. Upon finding an injured, lost, or dead animal, this app will reduce the time needed to look for a solution in what could be an emergency. It may also teach the community how to coexist with the local wildlife, and encourage more interest in animal safety.

Urban Menagerie

User Testing

In order to create an optimal user experience, we gathered a small focus group for some user testing. Using a card sorting method, we asked each individual to create a wireframe for the app in the way they thought was the most logical organization option. With the gathered data, we were able to create a working prototype.

the app

After analyzing our results, we felt that it would be best to break down the data into 4 different sections: 

  • Lost pets

    • Explains what to do when finding a lost pet​

  • Injured animals

    • Separated by which common animal it is, the app explains what to do when finding an injured animal

  • Dead animals

    • Explains what to do when finding a dead animal locally or on the freeway​

  • Learn more

    • Extra information and precautions​

Check out our prototype

*fully responsive*

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