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This project focuses on creating a message campaign through design. Working with a group of two other designers, we worked together to create a strong campaign through brand identity. We designed  various marketing materials to promote and spread awareness of the current issues that are affecting the whale populations.

Mission Statement

Whales Unhooked is about protecting whales and bringing awareness to their declining populations. We believe that whale lives matter too. We work to keep our whales off the hook.

Our group began with researching our campaign. We learned a great deal about the issues surrounding the declining populations of whales as a result of global climate change and whaling (all cause by humans). Because of their large nature, these animals are not able to reproduce as fast as other species and would take years to recover.

We also wanted to focus our research on why whales' lives matter so much. We wanted people to understand why they should care. Many people may see the whales as creatures that do not affect our living conditions, and therefore may not care about their populations with so many other issues in the world. However, our research showed that they bring balance to the ocean ecosystem and are vital to many species' survival, many of which we consume. ​

We compiled all our information into an article that could be featured in various magazines to help spread awareness for the whales and this campaign. We would also be using this information for the campaign when speaking at events or creating material. 

check out the article below 

Brand Identity

Logo + Business System + Promotional Material
logo design

Inspired by the beauty of the ocean life, we incorporated the essence of waves by using curved lines to create an overall organic and free flowing look. The colors were carefully chosen to depict a fun and bright look which conveys our positive disposition for the campaign. We thought these values would appeal to a younger audience, as we were targeting college students to help spread our awareness. 

Designed to feature in the Orion magazine (not actually affiliated/featured) 

Our logo and color scheme are used throughout our business system and marketing materials to create a unified brand identity. One that is clean, but playful, and bright. Our postcards and posters help spread awareness of our campaign and the issues the whales face, while our promotional material encourage people to join our cause and unify the supporters.

Check out more of our process here!
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